Importance of digital identities: State of Healthcare Interoperability Virtual Summit 2023

Marc Mar-Yohana, CEO of OtisHealth, joined a wonderful panel of experts to discuss the importance of digital identity to healthcare access.

Panel 2 – What’s New in Patient Identity and Matching – YouTube

The Identity Issue: What’s New in Patient Identity and Matching

Patient Identity and Patient Matching have become increasingly popular subtopics of interoperability, and for good reason. Without trustworthy processes, strong standards and federated protocols, interoperability is hindered by the ability to identify and match patients. Join this panel for the most up to date thinking and considerations regarding both identity and patient matching, including through a privacy and security lens.


Kyle Neuman of DirectTrust
Jason Barr of
Ryan Howells of CARIN Alliance
Marc Mar-Yohana of OtisHealth
Lindsey Hall of Veradigm®

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