Clinical Research Organization Solutions

Use OtisHealth’s platform to recruit quality candidates for standard and decentralized clinical research.

Recruit. Engage. Evaluate.


The OtisHealth platform can identify, pre-screen, and recruit candidates for clinical studies that will meet sponsor criteria. OtisHealth can both identify candidates currently in the system that meet your inclusion and exclusion criteria (and other study design requirements) as well as craft campaigns to recruit candidates prospectively.

With members’ in-app consent, researchers can also request members to contribute additional data via surveys or additional records. OtisHealth supports self-reported observations, connections to wearable devices, and connections to home health devices. Assessments can also be pre-scheduled for delivery to subjects.

OtisHealth provides decentralized, EHR independent, and member-consented access so that researchers can build cohort-specific profiles and longitudinal histories to better understand indication-specific aspects of disease, treatments and outcomes. Comprehensively view data on key health parameters, such as manifestations of disease, adherence to treatment, and resulting outcomes.

Recruit high-quality study candidates from an engaged health community.

Reduce readmission rate for some of the most common post-acute care concerns

  • Cardiovascular procedures
  • Amputation
  • Mental health

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