Your Family's Healthcare at Your Fingertips​

Your Family's Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Get A Complete View Of What Matters The Most

Get A Complete View Of What Matters The Most

OtisHealth gives you the power and insights to improve the health of you, your loved-ones, and your community!

Centralize Your Health Records​

Securely consolidate you and your family member’s health records to maximize continuity of care 

Gain Awareness & Be Proactive

A comprehensive view of your records provides insights and allows you to create a proactive plan for mitigation

Create a Support System

Find & Join Wellness Communities of people and families with similar struggles and values

Free to everyone

Join today for free and enroll yourself and family members at no cost

Helpful Resources

Let OtisHealth be your resource for information, tips and insights into the challenges of managing your family’s care.

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