How It Works

All Your Health Records In the Palm of Your Hands

Anyone who takes cares of a family member, friend or patient knows that reconciling paper, digital and verbal instructions is a tedius and frustrating process.  And during critical emergencies the lack of transparencey and access to this information can mean the difference between life and death. 

OtisHealth is a free service that helps families, caregivers, and people with chronic illnesses manage their daily health and all their health information.

Our secure platform applies the most strict privacy and security protocols to assure your medical information is safe while providing access for continutity of care and proactive health insights. 


For a guided tour of our mobile app, watch our YouTube playlist: Using OtisHealth

Getting Started

It takes less than 3 minute to create your free account

The more you put in, the more you get out...

You can access your private OtisHealth account 24/7 from your desktop or mobile application.  

As you upload and retreive electronic health records from your providers you’ll watch your health insights grow.  By centralizing your records, personal insights, medication historys and more, you’ll see the picture of you, your family and those you care full come into focus. 

Get Started Now

Get Started Now

Members are never obligated to participate in research or to purchase any products or services.

Members are never obligated to participate in research or to purchase any products or services.

For more information on how your data is used, please visit our Privacy Policy.

How to make the most of OtisHealth

Get Organized

Use OtisHealth to manage all your health information, your daily health activities, and to track vital data that is important to you.

  • Build your complete health profile.
  • Retrieve and upload your electronic health records from your healthcare providers.
  • Create health profiles for family members and those you care for.
  • Grant your emergency contacts and family access to your health profile so they can truly be there for you in an emergency.
  • Set reminders to take medication, log blood glucose levels, and schedule medical appointments.

Get Actionable Insights

As you provide health information, OtisHealth will begin to provide insights into your current health status and suggestions to seek specific medical guidance. The more of your health profile that you complete, the more relevant the insights become.

Join Health Communities​

As the OtisHealth membership grows, you will have opportunities to join Health Communities. These are anonymous forums for members to learn about common community health concerns and to set goals to improve the community’s collective health.

No Membership Fees

There are no membership fees and OtisHealth will never sell your personally identifiable data. OtisHealth earns revenue by providing you opportunities to participate in paid research studies and by offering you health-related products and services. You will receive these opportunities through OtisHealth’s secure message service within the application. Clinical researchers and product companies will only receive your personal information if you click on a link provided in a secure message and then identify yourself to that organization.