About Us

Our Story

Marc Mar-Yohana is passionate about solutions that save lives and believes having control over our personal health information is the first step. 

As a father, he experienced the difficulty of collecting and organizing hundreds of pages of medical records and the lack of visibility to medical information that was critical to his daughter’s health. His child, Constance, had chronic medical conditions that required daily monitoring and treatment. After Constance passed away, Marc created OtisHealth as his way to help individuals and families take control of their personal healthcare.


Marc Mar-Yohana

Founder of OtisHealth

The OtisHealth Name

OtisHealth is named after Constance’s amazing autism service dog, Otis. Otis was always by her side, continuously monitored her surroundings, and was quick to act when needed. Our hope is that OtisHealth will serve many families as Otis had served ours.

Otis & Constance

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with personalized insights to improve their health, the health of their loved-ones, and lives in their community.